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Mandated Service Program Completed - Voter Registration, Education and Mobilization

Published on 11/3/2020


Kappa Phi Chapter, Milwaukee, WI

On November 3, 2020, the Men of Kappa Phi Chapter performed service at our Annual Adopt a Poll Site. For each election in the calendar year, the Men of Kappa Phi volunteer their services by operating a 2-ward poll location. This event marked the 4th election that the chapter has participated in during the year. The poll location held at Washington High School in Milwaukee covers the 15th District with Wards 153 and 154. The election was based on the highly touted Presidential Election between President Donald Trump and VP Joe Biden. During the event, Kappa Phi Chapter serviced over 1,000 voters. In addition, the Chapter registered 117 new voters. The task was huge, and the Men of Kappa Phi Chapter persevered to assure that everyone’s voice was heard. Voter registration committee chairmen, Brother Alonzo Williams and Brother Kweku Smith, called the event an overwhelming success and thanked the 28 Brothers of the Chapter for their participation.