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VREM - Limos to the Polls

Published on 11/3/2020

Limos to the Polls


On November 3rd, 2020, some voters could ride in style to the polls on Election Day courtesy of Paradise Memorial Funeral and Cremation Services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. During the 2020 Presidential election, the funeral home led by its owner, Brother Marcel A. Clarke, (Kappa Phi 2006) offered to chauffer older residents to voting booths amid the coronavirus pandemic.


During the campaign, the funeral home picked up residents throughout Milwaukee and chauffeured them to their various polling locations. The residents ranged range ages 31-87. 

The initiative was created to help get people to the polls in Milwaukee which was a key battleground state. Paradise Memorial Funeral Home owner, Brother Marcel A. Clarke emphasized that “transportation is even more crucial this year as people attempt to vote safely during the pandemic and may have to travel farther with reduced polling places. In addition, many are in fear of using public transportation for fear of COVID19”. 


Paradise Memorial Funeral Home organized "Limos to the Polls" to transport people to and from polling locations. For voter Dawn Coltrain, the experience made her feel like a movie star.

"We want to eliminate every excuse," said Funeral Home owner Marcel Clarke. "Any kind of barrier, any kind of reason that would hinder or distract people from getting to the polls." After each ride, the driver cleaned and sanitized the seats, doors, handle, backrest and windows.

Milwaukee group offers rides to the polls